Lingonberry - The New Superfruit for 2012: Dr. Peter Bongiorno interviewed on FOX NEWS

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Dec 21, 2011

Here’s……. the Lingonberry…..

One of new berry kids on the block being seriously looked at by medical research is the lingonberry. Lingonberry appears to have higher concentrations of plant polyphenols, and may confer even greater health benefits than its other berry cousins. Native Americans in North America have a history of using this berry to help their people suffering with diabetes and cardiovascular illness. Modern research is starting to catch up with what the Native Americans already knew.

A 2010 Canadian study with First Nation Cree subjects found that lingonberry was able to reduce the effect of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). AGE’s are by product of sugars and heated protein molecule in the body’s that accumulate in patients with high blood sugar. These AGE’s contribute to the damage in a diabetic’s vessels. This damage is a major contributor to kidney disease, eye disease, and circulation problems that can lead to skin sores and amputation.

Learn more about the healthy benefits of lingonberry by clicking below and watching Dr. Peter Bongiorno introduce the benefits of this berry to the nation.